Our Mission

To elect Democrats at every level of government.

What We Do

The Democratic Party of Pulaski County (DPPC) is a membership organization open to all voters in Pulaski County that organizes and mobilizes voters across Pulaski County.

Our efforts have paid off, with a Democrat elected to serve as County Judge and super-majority of Democrats on our county legislature, leading to continued growth for Pulaski County and an improved quality of life for our residents.

Join our effort to keep Pulaski County blue and good government in place.

Our By-Laws

Our by-laws outline how we set out to:

  • Build a strong County Party 
  • Recruit quality candidates
  • Raise money to support candidates
  • Express local concerns at the state level
  • Maintain and grow DPPC membership 
  • Elect members to the Democratic Party of Arkansas State Committee and participate in Democratic Conventions and activities of the Democratic Party of Arkansas

DPPC is governed by the Democratic Party of Arkansas Rules and the Democratic Party of Arkansas Platform.